Marshall Granger Plays a House Show

a fundraiser for WE BURN LIKE THIS


Marshall Granger is a filmmaker first and foremost, but in the last 10 years he has kept up a relationship with songwriting that has taken the shape of two bands, Brass Monkey Band and Dead Partners, performance-art persona Dorothy and a steady solo output. Granger's roots are in Billings, Montana, and the city itself plays a character in many of his songs. He is pleased to be able to share a selection of the last decade in songwriting within the comfort of a living room in his childhood neighborhood. 

The concert is a fundraiser for an upcoming feature film, WE BURN LIKE THIS, produced by Granger and filming in Billings.

Bringing a film back home to Billings has been a major goal of Marshall's for years, and this project, written and directed by Alana Waksman, is incredibly special and close to his heart.

All proceeds will benefit the production of WE BURN LIKE THIS.